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2017 Kicks Off With Collins Picking Up Southern Riders Division Victory

Super Gen Products GRIT American Racer Southern Riders Tour (30): TOM COLLINS JR. ($1,000), Kyle Rohner, Dustin Jordan, Dave Marcuccilli, Kenny Hammond, Pat Jordan, Donnie Lawson, Cory Cormier, Rocky Warner, Nick Nye, Josh Keesey, Garret Rushlow, Randy Fox, Dale Welty, Lem Atkins, Tyler Thompson, Jimmy Zacharias, Moose Gulley, Pat LaPage, Tim Guild, Nick Plumstead, T.J. Frost, Stacy Jackson, Ray Bliss

DNQ: Allan Hodge, Mike Jackson, Dylan Zacharias, Nick Branning, Tommy Velez

Heat Winners: Rocky Warner, Kyle Rohner, Donnie Lawson, Dustin Jordan

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