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Nye Dominant in Short Track Supernationals Win

Supergen Products GRIT American Racer Tour @ I-88 Speedway (40 Cars) – Short Track Supernationals – 10/8/16 (25 Laps) Nick Nye, Allison Ricci, Cody Clark, Jimmy Johnson, Casey Pavlick, Dustin Jordan, Daniel Morgiewicz, Corey Cormier, Tyler Johnston, Rob Loucks, John Aumck, A.J. Miller, Donnie Lawson, Austin Smith, Bob Stahl, Brandon Kuhn, Jake Dgien, Dale Welty, Randy Gates, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Jason Feinberg, Matt Brewer, DNS Brian Mady, Brian Calabrese

Heat Winners: Dale Welty, Cody Clark, Jake Dgien, Nick Nye

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