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Marcuccilli Wins the Battle And the War @ Outlaw

GRIT SPORTSMAN HOOSIER SERIES, 35 cars (25 Laps): DAVE MARCUCCILLI, AJ Lloyd, Brandon Butlet, Stacey Jackson, Rocky Warner, Tommy Collins, Brady Fultz, Karl Comfort, Josh Butler, Eric Giguere, Nick Guererri, Jake Dgien, Austyn Fugle, Glenn Forward, Brett Buono, Matt Guererri, Damien Long, Tim Guild, Todd Root, Dylan Zacharias, Anthony Kimble, Mike Jackson, Frank Guererri Jr., Todd Hayward, Rob Bussey

Heat Winners: Frank Guererri Jr., AJ Lloyd, Dave Marcuccilli, Stacey Jackson, Brandon Butler

Consi #1: Brett Buono, Todd Root

Consi #2: Mike Jackson, Nick Guererri

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