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Pavlick Becomes First Repeat Winner of '16

SUPER GEN PRODUCTS GRIT SERIES CRATE SPORTSMAN – Woodhull “Hustlin’ the High Banks” - 32 cars (25 Laps): CASEY PAVLICK, Chris Daugherty, Tim Guild, Bobby Peoples, Donnie Lawson, Brandon Butler, Jimmy Zacharias, Dustin Jordan, Greg Young, AJ Costley, Garett Rushlow, Brett Buono, Josh Keesey, Jake Dgien, Ray Bliss, Bob Johnson, Collin Brown, Stevie Hartman III, Dale Welty, Tommy Collins Jr., Dylan Cecce

DQ: Dayton Brewer, Stacy Jackson, Mike Jackson

DNQ: Brandon Martin, John Waters, Mickey Wilbur, Dan Michaud, Rich Powell, Jerry Aldrich, John Agnew, Chris Hall

H1: Casey Pavlick, Josh Keesey, AJ Costley H2: Chris Daugherty, Bobby Peoples, Dayton Brewer H3: Stacy Jackson Tommy Collins Jr., Tim Guild H4: Mike Jackson, Dustin Jordan, Donnie Lawson

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