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Welty and Hill Break Through With GRIT and Fight Night Victories @ Outlaw

SUPER GEN PRODUCTS GRIT AMERICAN RACER SERIES @ OUTLAW SPEEDWAY (30 Laps): DALE WELTY, Karl Comfort, Tom Collins Jr., Casey Pavlick, Donnie Lawson, AJ Lloyd, Buzzie Reutimann, Stacy Jackson, Tim Guild, Josh Keesey, Brett Buono, Loren Lincoln, Nate Peckham, Frank Guererri Jr., Bob Johnson, Mike Ward, Dustin Jordan, Brent Ayers, Doug Smith, Mike Jackson

Heat Race Winners: AJ Lloyd, Loren Lincoln, Josh Keesey

FIGHT NIGHT ALL STAR STREET STOCKS @ OUTLAW SPEEDWAY (20 Laps): JARED HILL, Quinn Sutherland, Bob Buono, Jayson Smart, Jon Carpenter, TJ Frost, Gene Balmer, Dan Babcock, Teddy Morseman, Jeredd Dennis, Brian Lloyd, Adam Whipple, JJ Kreidler, Christian Thompson, Marc Minutolo, Jeff Moore

Heat Race Winners: TJ Frost, Jared Hill

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