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Hohensheldt Picks Up Cinderella Victory In Afton

GRIT AMERICAN RACER TOUR “CRAZY CR8TES” @ I88 SPEEDWAY (25 Laps): Kurtis Hohensheldt, Travis Smith, Harold Humphrey, Donnie Lawson, Stacy Jackson, Josh Keesey, Kinser Hill, Allan Hodge, Dale Welty, A.J. Miller, Chris Stevens, Mike Jackson, Brad Weaver, Dave Rosa, Robby Knipe, Casey Pavlick, Allison Ricci, Olin Renwick, Matt Brewer, Tim Guild, Tim Howell, A.J. Digsby, Matt Roberts, Tyler Singleton, Dustin Jordan

DNQ: Jacob Dgien, Michael Murphy, Bob Stahl

Heat Winners: Stacy Jackson, Harold Humphrey, Travis Smith, Tim Howell

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