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Pavlick Holds Off Creeden For "Legendary" Skyline Win

GRIT SERIES AMERICAN RACER TOUR “LEGEND OF SKYLINE” @ SKYLINE RACEWAY PARK: CASEY PAVLICK, Danny Creeden, Stacy Jackson, Will Shields, Brett Buono, Greg Doust, Dustin Jordan, Andrew Smith, Dave Marcuccilli, Taylor Lamb, Chuck Miller, Dale Welty, Tommy Paige, Tim Guild, Brad Weaver, Andrew Stockman, Randy Gates, Bob Johnson, Donnie Lawson, Lanson Albanese, Tim Howell, Josh Keesey, Garett Rushlow, Mike Jackson, Nick Nye

DNQ: Pat Jordan, Pat LaPage, Gary Dennis, Todd Hayward, Del Howell, Olin Renwick, Moose Gulley, Paul Rooney, Tom Collins Jr., Kaylee Dimorier, Matt Roberts, Dylan Zacharias

Heat Winners: Casey Pavlick, Danny Creeden, Dustin Jordan, Brett Buono, Taylor Lamb

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