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Humphreys Tops at Outlaw

OUTLAW SPEEDWAY “SHOWDOWN AT SUNDOWN” (30 Laps): ROB HUMPHREYS (1), Donnie Lawson, Dale Welty, Casey Pavlick, Connor Brown (Buy In), Mike Jackson, Tim Howell, Stacey Jackson (Buy In), Brad Weaver, Brett Buono, Chris Daugherty, Steve Gray, Tom Collins Jr., AJ Lloyd, Loren Lincoln, Ross Vleck, Bobby Peoples, Dustin Jordan, Bob Johnson (Buy In), Mike Buchanan, Josh Keesey, Nick Guererri, Todd Hayward, Chris Fisher, Garrett Rushlow (Buy In), Pat Jordan, Brent Ayers, Will Shields, Chris Silvers

DNQ: Hillary Ward, Mike Knipe, Tim Guild, Doug Smith, Gary Dennis, Jake Dgien, Zach Ziegenhagen, John Agnew

Heat Race Winners: Brent Ayers, Dale Welty, Tim Howell, Donnie Lawson

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