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Pierson Shines In GRIT Debut with Victory

CANANDAIGUA MOTORSPORTS PARK “CABIN FEVER II” (40 LAPS): Adam Pierson, David Marcuccilli, Rob Bussey, Ron Davis III, Rocky Warner, Todd Root, Kyle Inman, Kevin Root, Matt Guererri, Karl Comfort, Daryl Nutting, Tyler Meeks, AJ Lloyd, Paul Guererri, Jeremy Pitcher, Ray Bliss, Dave Rogers, Kane Bristol, Dave Rogers, Tyler Trump, Rocco Leone, Jessica Power, Ricky Newton, Nick Guererri, Matt Steffenhagen, Kevin Ridley

Heat Winners: Tyler Trump, Todd Root, Karl Comfort, Matt Guererri, Rob Bussey

DNQ: Adam Hilton, Brad Rouse, Adam Gage, Loren Lincoln, Adam Ashcraft, Anthony Kimble, Zack Sam, Nate Peckham, Andrew Smith, Chris Miller, Dave Schilling, James Sweeting, Tim Baker, Beth Bellinger, Jeff Davoli, Doug Rohr, Mike Taylor, Doug Smith, Ray Hendershot

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