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Pavlick Picks Up Win and Takes Over Points Lead

ONYX SUMMIT Crate Sportsman 9/19 Makeup, 29 cars (50 Laps): CASEY PAVLICK $2,500, Steve Gray, Ray Bliss, Dave Marcuccilli, Chris Daugherty, Stacey Jackson, Chris Fisher, Brady Fultz, Brett Buono, Karl Comfort, AJ Lloyd, Donnie Lawson, Dale Welty, Ben Wheeler, Doug Smith, Loren Lincoln, Josh Keesey, Brandon Butler, Jake Dgien, Rocky Warner, Ray Bliss Jr, Tim Guild, Brent Ayers, Collin Brown, Nick Guererri, Bill Williams, Tim Gullo DNS: AJ Lewis, Troy Fleming

Lap Leaders: Chris Daugherty 1-32, Casey Pavlick 33-50

Last Chance Qualifier (Winner Transfers): Ben Wheeler, Kenny Peoples, Phil Vignieri, Chris Mangiarelli, Eric Williams

Heat Winners: AJ Lloyd, Brent Ayers, Chris Daugherty

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