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Weaver holds off Ricci by ½ car length to win STSN

GRIT American Series Crate 602 Sportsman Feature Finish (25 Laps): BRAD WEAVER, Allison Ricci, Josh Keesey, Pat Jordan, Dale Welty, Stacy Jackson, Tim Guild, Kevin Sockriter, Kenny Peoples Jr., Zach Mead, Rich Powell, Randy Gates, Dustin Jordan, Eric Williams, Winter Mead, Pat O’Hanlon, William Gray, Shayne Spoonhower, Shea Montgomery, James Introne Jr., Brett Buono, Matt Brewer, Dusty Barton, Chuck Miller, Jacob Dgien

DQ - Robbie Knight (Fuel)

Heat Winners: Robbie Knight, Josh Keesey, Tim Guild, Jim Introne Jr.

Did Not Qualify: Matt Priscott, Donald Bellum, Lee Foland, Justin Cobb, Kurt Hohensheldt

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