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Woodhull Weekend Winners include Brandon Butler and Josh Keesey

SUNY Canton GRIT Sportsman - Friday, September 25th

Cars: 31

Heats: Steve Andrulonis, Dale Welty, Chris Fisher, Jake Dgien

Consi: Chris Daugherty

Feature: BRANDON BUTLER, Tim Guild, Donnie Lawson, Chris Stevens, Kenny Peoples Jr, Chris Daugherty, Phil Vagneri III, Stacey Jackson, Casey Pavlick, Dale Welty, Ray Bliss Sr, Dayton Brewer, Chris Fisher, Josh Keesey, AJ Costley, Mike Bills, Brett Buono, Josh Sawyer, David Mayo, Steve Andrulonis, Ray Bliss Jr, Tony Pangrazio, Josh Keesey, Jake Dgien

SUNY Canton GRIT Sportsman Series - Saturday, September 26th

Cars: 27

Heats: Kenny Poeples Jr, David Mayo, Zack Sutton, Chris Daugherty

Consi: Dayton Brewer

Feature: JOSH KEESEY, Dayton Brewer, Zack Sutton, Chris Daugherty, Jake Dgien, Chris Stephens, Dale Welty, Chris Fisher, Stacey Jackson, Tim Guild, David Mayo, Ron White, Collin Brown, Brandon Butler, Ray Bliss Sr, Brett Buono, Doug Smith, Ray Bliss Jr, Erik Williams, Tracy Stanford, Donnie Lawson, Kenny Peoples Jr, John Austin, Bill Williams

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