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April 6, 2014 DIG SAFELY NEW YORK GRIT RACING SERIES POWERED BY VP RACING FUELS HARD CLAY LID LIFTER PRESENTED BY EAST COAST SPEED & SUPPLY FEATURE FINISH (25 Laps): GRIT Sportsman Feature Finish, 25 Laps: 1. Brian Krummel, 2. Connor Cleveland, 3. Rocky Warner, 4. Andrew Reeves, 5. Chris Stevens, 6. John Illanovsky, 7. L.J. Lombardo, 8. Dave Marcuccilli, 9. Ivan Joslin, 10. Brian Pressalone, 11. Troy Arnold, 12. John Scarborough, 13. Jesse Leiby, 14. Eric Gugiere, 15. Dave Constantino, 16. Derrick McGrew, 17. Anthony Stockman, 18. Corey Lowitt, 19. John Virgilio, 20. Curtis Hohensholett, 21. Alan Houghtaling, 22. Frank Venezia, 23. Matt Hitchcock, 24. Dion Naples.

Did Not Qualify: Rich Ricci III, Nick Plumstead, Scott Duell, Otto Bradatsch, Danny Cronk, John Corry, Tim Barone, Jim Intronne, Michael Folchetti, Jay Papp, Ray Zemken, Dave Hinsch, Mike Traver.

HEAT RACE WINNERS - Chris Stevens, LJ Lombardo, Andrew Reeves, Rocky Warner.


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